Antrodia Camphorata

Have you ever heard of the Bull Camphor Tree? A close relative of Cinnamon, this tree is native to Eastern Asia and most specifically Taiwan. A parasitic fungus which grows on this tree is known to have strong liver protective and anti cancer properties. It has been deemed a treasure by many due to its rare and powerful healing properties.

Antrodia Camphorata has been used for the prevention, or treatment, of numerous diseases including liver diseases, food and drug intoxication, diarrhea, abdominal pain, hypertension, itchy skin and tumorigenic diseases. Alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD) is the result of an excessive or chronic consumption of alcohol relative studies have shown Antrodia Camphorata treatment resulted in smaller liver size and less liver lipid accumulation, in addition lower liver damage was also indicated.

A.Camphorata is commercially available in the form of fermented wine or pure cultures in powdered, tablet and capsule form there are seventy eight structurally identifiable compounds that have been identified. The fruiting bodies mainly contain a large number of terpenoids which amount to thirtynine compounds. There are a few publications on the constituents of the solid-state cultivated mycelium or the mycelium from submerged cultivations. It has been noted that a substantial number of thirty one triterpenoid compounds having similar or even the same molecular structures were shown present in the last few years. However, there have not been any specific terpenoid glycosides isolated from this species.

In contrast there have been polysaccharides which have been elucidated. A.Camphorate has many other constituents which include benzenoids, lignans, benzoquinones and maleic/succinic acid derivatives, in addition to the afore mentioned polysaccharides. Sterols, nucleotides and fatty acids have also been identified in this species. There is a high concentration of 63% of terpenoids in these fruiting bodies of A.Camphorate. This group of natural compounds is of major interest in phytochemical studies. phytochemical, or the herbal, supplement market is among one of the fastest growing in modern times. A.Camphorata clinical reports indicate that Triterpenes the most important bioactive ingredient is a compound which exhibits anti-virus, anti-oxidatnt, hepatoprotection and cholesterol inhibition properties anti-cancer effects which include bladder,brest,prostate,colon,lung, and leukemia also hepatitis B and Systemic Lupus.


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